How I Keep My Platinum-Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy

I’ve been pre-lightning my hair platinum blonde for almost a decade, and surprisingly it’s in good shape. I attribute this to our expert colourists, of course, but also to the fact that I take care of my hair as if it were insured, like J.Lo’s booty. These are my favourites for staying strong and icy cool.

Tigi Dumb Blonde Toning Shampoo

A lot of my blonde maintenance takes place in the shower, with a bright-purple shampoo, I use Tigi’s Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, that contains powerful purple toners to deposits tone to cancel out any yellow or brassy tones, whilst built in conditioners and cleansers leave the hair feeling clean and frizz free.

Tigi Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray 

As you’re all now aware I’m a serial bleaching addict and as a blonde I definitely have more fun! What isn’t fun however is waking up to find that my blonde isn’t as white as I want it to be! Unwanted brassiness is the bane of my life, but, thank the hair gods, there is now a heat protection toning spray that I can now use alongside my Dumb Blonde Toning Shampoo to help keep my hair bright and white.

Dumb blond Toning Protection Spray, uses Protein Booster Technology to help repair damaged hair whilst the purple toners help fight off brassy tones. Also it works as a leave in conditioner, detangling, smoothing and adding shine to your tresses!

First things first, like all TIGI products are the smell! It is amazing! Like a sweet apple based fruit cocktail. And, even better the smell lasts long after you’ve perfected your style. Also it really is purple (don’t worry there’ll be no granny rinse here) and it really helps tone your hair! After one use you definitely noticed a difference in the colour.

I would definitely recommend these products to serial blonde addicts.

Dumb Blonde Toning Shampoo being sold at £19.95 and Dumb Blond Toning Protection spray £15.50 it is definitely worth it as a add on to your cut and colour!

Amy Xx