How to create a perfect curly blow-dry at home

I’ve been practising blow-drying in salon for over 4 years now and I have to say its my passion especially a big bouncy blow-dry, so I’m going to give you some tips on how to create the perfect curly blow-dry at home.

Doing a curly blow-dry at home, the kind that’s smooth with lots of volume and movement, is never easy. You need great products and tools.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 vented round ceramic (heat retaining) brushes, for medium hair (chin length to collar bone) – Use a medium round brush 1.4″ (35mm) to 1.7″ (45mm). For long hair (Collar bone length or longer) – Use a medium to large round brush 1.7″ (45mm) to 2.2″ (55mm) It always a great idea to mix and match brands, sizes, ceramic and wood, synthetic and boar bristle brushes when building your brush collection. Not only does that allow you to have options when styling, it gives you more experience so you can learn what you love. Each professional round brush has something to offer. I always have more then one brand and size in multiple types when I am at the salon and on photo shoots. Even if you’re not a professional, it’s great to have options.
  • A mirror that let’s you see the back of your head (waves in the back are a dead give away of a mediocre DIY job). And, depending on your hair texture, you need up to an hour of free time.
  • Just like you can’t expect to have good make-up when you use those silly little make-up brushes that come with your blush or bronzer, you can’t really expect to have a great blow-dry when you’re using a low-quality hair dryer circa 1992. A lightweight dryer with 1,500 watts of power is the minimum you should look for—otherwise it may not take the water out fast enough, leaving your hair hot but with moisture still in it (therefore causing your style to fall). I recommend the Parlux 3200 Compact Hairdryer (1900w) or for a real Ferrari engine—no lie I recommend Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Hairdryer (2100w).
  • Last be not least sectioning clips with a good grip. Tough enough to hold the thickest of hair types.

The foundation of a great blow-dry is how the hair is washed and conditioned, It’s all about the preparation.

  1. Firstly cleanse] the hair using Tigi’s Reboot Scalp Shampoo this antidote cleanses and hydrates, it contains a clever potion containing a hero ingredient to help reboot the scalp retaining the moisture and a gentle cleanser that removes build up while holding onto moisture and defending against dryness.
  2. Next follow on with your target shampoo, I’d recommend Tigi’s Epic Volume Shampoo, this shampoo will get your hair bursting with bounce & fullness, it’s Sulfate-free and has a volume boosting shot taking the bounce to new heights. It’s all about defying gravity! Lastly but not least finish with Tigi’s Epic Volume Conditioner, by using this conditioner you’ll get thick, voluptuous body with a lightweight touch. This conditioner has a volume boosting shot that will explode your style from root to tip… big love, even bigger hair!
  3. Now towel dry your hair and apply the following styling products: Tigi’s Superstar Queen For A Day. This product is Ann-Marie’s (Salon director) and my personal favourite. It will make you feel like a queen and look like a Superstar!! Get volume, body and lift that just won’t quit!! It’s a spray mousse that you apply in 1 inch sections to the root area first then through to the mid lengths and ends. Next apply a 5 to 10 pence piece of Tigi’s On The Rebound to the mid lengths and ends. This cream helps create soft defined curls and with its curl recall technology ensures flattened, collapsed curls are able to spring back into shape after scrunching. An awesome curl retention cream that protects hair from humidity, helping ensure curls, volume and movement stay until your next shampoo.
  4. Dry the hair until it’s 80% dry saving you time and effort.
  5. Take a small section of hair from the nape and clip the remaining hair out of the way.
  6. Place the brush as close to the roots as possible and following it with the hair dryer nozzle, pull the hair upwards. Make sure every section is thoroughly dry from the roots to the ends, then wrap the hair around the brush and leave it in the hair until cool. Alternate the wrapping direction on each section for a varied tasselled look.
  7. Repeat on each section, when you run out of brushes gently remove the first brush and repeat the method.
  8. On the top section from the crown to the forehead direct the brushes to how you want your parting to sit. For a soft look and no definite parting direct all the brushes back towards the crown.
  9. Now either break the hair up with a wide toothed comb for a more defined look or brush through for a bouncy soft finish.
  10. Finish by running Tigi’s Blow Out (on light – dark brown and red hair adding golden light reflective partials) or Tigi’s After Party (on all blonde shades adding clear light reflecting particles) to control funky fly-a-way’s and sil-ify your hair.
  11. For extra shine, extreme hold and humidity protection use Tigi’s Masterpiece, spray over styled hair

Follow my advice and you’ll make your hair look like you stepped out of a salon, Creative Couture Salon 😉 — even if you’re not an expert brush twirler!
Hannah Xx